American Sniper Misses the Target

Guess all the hype, along with some well deserved respect for Clint Eastwood’s past movie-making efforts, finally enticed me to go see the movie, American Sniper.

Boy, what a disappointment. Should have stayed home and watched reruns of old Combat episodes.

If not for all the shooting and explosions, which kept waking me up, this movie would have qualified as a real snoozer.

Sure, you’d be crazy to go to a movie with a title like American Sniper and not expect lots of combat noise and confusion. But, for heaven’s sake, there are other important key elements that make a movie both enjoyable and memorable.

Things like plot, character development and conflict, special effects, scenery, and acting all contribute to a movie’s ability to connect with its audience. All of which, personally speaking, I found lacking in American Sniper.

While seldom in agreement with Hollywood these days, they actually got it right with their so-called ‘snub’ of American Sniper at this year’s Oscars.

All in all, it’s this movie-goer’s opinion American Sniper is seriously lacking in cinematic quality and is barely an average movie at best. Sorry Clint, this movie earns an unusually paltry 4 stars out of 10.

Dare I Say, American Sniper misses the target.

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Sacred Heart Parish Annual Crab Feed

Tickets now on sale for the annual Sacred Heart crab feed and raffle.

Best crab feed in town! Great raffle prizes!

Where: Sacred Heart Parish 3141 St. Stephens Drive Anderson, CA 96007

When: Saturday, February 14, 2015

Time: No Host Cocktails 5:30pm & Dinner 6:30pm

Menu: All you can eat crab, plus clam chowder soup, salad, bread & dessert. Prime rib and surf & turf also available.

This is a sell-out event. Call Angie at (530) 365-8573 to order your tickets today.

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