Please Help Us Build the US Air Force Memorial

Dear Supporters of the USAF Memorial,

We are excited to announce that the California Department of Veterans Affairs has given their seal of approval to move forward with the USAF Memorial project at the Northern California Veterans Cemetery in Igo, CA.

With memorial construction underway, we seek to raise donations to help fund the project.

We hope you will consider making a donation today to honor Air Force Airmen of all eras and provide a place for families and friends to reflect and honor their Airman’s life and service.

Click the link below to donate today!

Thank you for your generosity.


The USAF Memorial Committee

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Dare I Say, It Only Makes Sense


As most would acknowledge, we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of one of the worst droughts in recent memory, with no end in sight.  Restrictions on water use, rising prices, reductions in water deliveries and loss of existing wells have become all too common place.

The last thing you’d expect to see these days is a large new orchard being planted.  While many existing orchards and crops are being abandoned due to lack of available water, that’s not the case along Gas Point Road.    

Take a Sunday drive approximately 11 miles due west and you can see for yourself.  Acre upon acre upon acre of newly planted trees, with evidence of more to come. 

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love orchards as much as the next guy.  For sure, they provide consumers with a bounty of fruits and nuts, add significantly to the area’s economic vitality and are just plain nice to look at. 

But, orchards demand lots of water.  Lots and lots of water.  And, sinking multiple Ag wells to satisfy this demand without first assessing their possible negative impact on the aquifer and existing area wells is just plain nuts.

 Turns out all you need are land that’s zoned for agriculture and the money to dig a well.  With that in hand, you’re free to pump as much water as you’d like.

The Director of the Shasta County Department of Resource Management, responding to a recent query that raised legitimate concerns about the impact of Ag wells dug to support the new orchard, provided this advice,  

Our permit applications do not delve into the specific use of the well other than to distinguish new wells from existing wells that need repairs, deepening, etc., and agricultural wells from domestic, industrial, or public water system wells.  We do not regulate pumping volumes or overall usage (at least not yet).”   

So, it appears the Ag world gets a pass when it comes to extracting water from the aquifer.  Dig the well and pump away.  I bet a lot of land developers would love to get that kind of treatment from the county when they propose new home sub-divisions.

The county needs to get off the stick and implement required impact reviews for all new Ag projects that can potentially pump large volumes of water for irrigation.  Delay is not an option. 

Dare I Say, it only makes sense.

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American Sniper Misses the Target

Guess all the hype, along with some well deserved respect for Clint Eastwood’s past movie-making efforts, finally enticed me to go see the movie, American Sniper.

Boy, what a disappointment. Should have stayed home and watched reruns of old Combat episodes.

If not for all the shooting and explosions, which kept waking me up, this movie would have qualified as a real snoozer.

Sure, you’d be crazy to go to a movie with a title like American Sniper and not expect lots of combat noise and confusion. But, for heaven’s sake, there are other important key elements that make a movie both enjoyable and memorable.

Things like plot, character development and conflict, special effects, scenery, and acting all contribute to a movie’s ability to connect with its audience. All of which, personally speaking, I found lacking in American Sniper.

While seldom in agreement with Hollywood these days, they actually got it right with their so-called ‘snub’ of American Sniper at this year’s Oscars.

All in all, it’s this movie-goer’s opinion American Sniper is seriously lacking in cinematic quality and is barely an average movie at best. Sorry Clint, this movie earns an unusually paltry 4 stars out of 10.

Dare I Say, American Sniper misses the target.

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